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Our Mission

To address the root causes of intergenerational poverty and teen pregnancy by providing programs and services to economically disadvantaged families that strengthen the entire family unit, empower youth and families to create pathways out of poverty and the blueprints for a better future.

Our Vision

To build strong communities by building stronger families, each one teaching one.

• More than half of births (53%) fathered by teen boys under age 18 are unplanned. (thenationalcampaign.org)

• As a result of poverty, 80% of teen fathers pay less than $800 per year in child support and do not marry the mother of their first child.

• Investing in our future: Each year, North Carolina spends $27,747 per inmate to house and rehabilitate offenders. It costs Family Blueprints just $1,920 per year to keep young men in school and out of prison.

Teen pregnancy is a poverty issue. Family Blueprints of North Carolina's work and purpose is to address the reciprocal, cyclical relationship between poverty and teen pregnancy that so often cripples economically disadvantaged youth and families resulting in dropping out of high school, repeat unplanned pregnancies, and the transfer of poverty from one generation to the next.

Each of the organization's programs and services will utilize strategies that promote self-efficacy, economic empowerment, and personal responsibility and accountability to place economically disadvantaged youth and families "in the driver's seat" of their own lives in an effort to create pathways out of poverty. Each program and service will include three key elements:

Prevention - to reduce the likelihood of repeated cycles of systemic issues such as poverty, teen pregnancy, school dropout and incarceration

Entrepreneurship - to identify talents and skills that youth and families already possess that can then be used to create opportunities for economic empowerment; and

Financial Literacy - to ensure that youth and families have the ability to make wise financial decisions, avoid negative spending habits, and identify strategies to increase economic empowerment.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"...Benjamin Franklin

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